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This is my third year as an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant. Their reaching this milestone validates the move to become a business partner with ActiveCampaign. They are a tremendous off-the-shelf engine that canbe customized to automate various business events and, collectively, the business objectives, policies and procedures for many small to mid-sized businesses. The ROI is incredible. No limit on users for a set fee. The mobile app is great for seeing and working Tasks and Deals (in multiple Pipelines and Stages). And so much more!

When I first started with ActiveCampaign I had 13 years of previous experience putting in CRM systems. Their CRM (Deals or Opportunities) has now developed as a totally integrated part of the Contacts. The CRM plus the Automations (I love them!) are the drivers behind them going from 80 employees when I joined the program to almost 500 now.

If you have not tried ActiveCampaign please visit our website to sign up for a free trial no credit card required. We will give you free coaching or consulting time applied to any project we assist on.

If you would like to read more about ActiveCampaign’s 100,000 milestone, funding round that just completed or Customer Experience slant on Marketing Automation visit ACTIVECAMPAIGN.

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