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Work Less. Sell More. Be Smart.

Our mission is providing small businesses a systematic and affordable solution to automatically engage Internet visitors and stimulate business growth. Turn your online presence into a lead generating system today!


What can you expect from us?

We infuse your online marketing with energy for customer engagement and lead acquisition by combining the force of technology and the power of content to meet your needs. Direct marketing, sales and customer relationship without breaking a sweat. But how? Check out the process below:

Initial consultation

You ask, we answer. We ask, you answer. Get to know each other. Outline the goals. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Map the pain

We analyze the current condition of your Internet marketing and compare it with the optimal conditions in order to find the missing elements.


We recommend content and technology changes depending on the market sector objectives and your budget in order to find the optimal, well-tailored solution.

Heal the pain

Receive a prescription for success where each project component represents specific deliverables. Your account manager calls on different specialists who work, in parallel, to create your tailored solution.

Fitness reports

We provide you detailed website, visitor tracking and database reports, so you can track your success real-time. Guaranteed results.


What can you expect from us?

We invented a systematic solution that integrates, automates and optimizes complex marketing workflows into one profit generating environment. All the processes listed below are controlled at the same place.
Less mess, less stress!

Content strategy

Express everything about your company in a way that maximizes effectiveness and builds a pattern for success. Become perceived as giving and valuable to prospects and customers by developing a high quality content library.

Campaign planning

Divide and conquer. Define your business objectives (increase margins, reduce customer defections, cross sell, etc.) and then map out an engaging sequence to achieve your goals.

Design & development

We work together to setup optimal initial conditions to avoid tracking off course during the journey. Your system becomes an evolutionary asset that is increasingly valuable over time.

Marketing automation

Effortlessly accelerate the growth of your business by using intelligence-driven email marketing automations. Target the right people and have something worth saying.'

Visitor tracking

Site and event tracking can log every step your visitor makes so you can match your follow up campaigns and offers with their intentions.

Reports & analytics

Analyze trends and behavior to determine significant patterns. Measurement provides the capacity to detect change and react properly.


Marketing circulation


An easier way to run your marketing and sales

Take the best off the shelf Marketing Automation and CRM software and add our expertise. The result is a powerful solution that is fine tuned for your business.

General ActiveCampaign Consulting
General ActiveCampaign Consulting
  • System Design and Setup
  • Coaching
  • Data Conversions
  • Funnels - CTAs
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Forms
  • Campaigns
  • Automations
  • Reporting
  • Customizations
Application & API Programming
Application & API Programming
  • We offer multiple integration options to connect ActiveCampaign with other applications in your marketing stack.

  • We can use Zapier, for example, to connect your Calendly Scheduling or to bring in Facebook leads.

  • If you require something custom, our team of API developers is brilliant and affordable.
Workflow and Automations
Workflow and Automations

Assist in analyzing, representing and
converting your work flows to automations.
Setup automations for:

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Onboarding
  • Customer Win Back
  • Newsletters

Try ActiveCampaign for free!

Two week FREE Trial (no credit card needed)

Includes 2 hours of coaching FREE

We help you to map ActiveCampaign to your business

Integration assistance for other applications via our experienced API programming team

Eye Fuze, Inc. is an ActiveCampaign
Certified Consultant

Whether you're looking to get started with ActiveCampaign or take your
existing program to new heights, we have the expertise to help you
achive success.

Steve was very professional, easy to work with and most importantly very knowledgeable on how to mold ActiveCampaign around the structure of our organization. To anyone reading this, my advice would be that, it is very important than you understand the expertise and the approach of the person you are considering. The ability to quickly learn and understand the approach of your organization and apply to the architecture of a system vs the opposite is crucial. Several other candidates approached our project from the opposite lens that, Steve presented. I hightly recommend Steve for anything ActiveCampaign related. The output we received for his time was easily 5x what I was capable of delivering on my own.
Steve is a gem. Upwork can sometimes seem like minefield of shoddy contractors and people who don't really have the expertise they clain - no so with Steve. I thought I was hiring someone to build a CRM for our client, but we go so much more:an executive level strategist, CRM engineer, and a forward thinking data management expert that helped us see numerous area for improvement to our plan. Not only was the system built to our expection, it's got more features and data flows seamlessly throughout the database with minimal human interaction. We can't wait to work on more projects together!

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Who is Eye Fuze?

We are a group of technology and marketing specialists that comprehends the challenges faced by small businesses in cost effectively establishing a marketing automation platform that is a fusion of business events and the best enabling technology. You can reach us via the Form on the website or call (708) 759-6392 to speak directly to Steve Graham.

What do you offer?

We offer a single point of contact for flexible, risk-free options that cost-effectively will deliver sustained, automatic and personalized Email marketing to grow your business.We are an Active Campaign Certified Consultant and use this software as the core of the ROI.

How can Email marketing help my business?

90% of Internet visitors will never buy the first time but, through the use of list and segment based targeted campaigns we can engage, capture and then develop a relationship with the visitor and earn their subsequent business.

What is the general approach that makes this different?

We customize the best email marketing 'engine', which is Active Campaign, to match your company's needs, and then collaborate to create effective targeted marketing campaigns and the needed concept and content. Then we automate wherever possible. This is done in a three-step process; Analysis, Representation and Software Customization.

What sustainable competitive advantages does this approach provide?

This approach provides 'intelligence' by way of matching up your prospects and customers intentions and preferences with the messages they receive and automating relationship maintenance.

Can the system co-exist with our current systems?

Yes. We provide a tactical solution that enhances your overall strategy. The central database can receive or output contacts and data to your CRM or back office systems.

Is my investment in this type of project protected?

Yes. Our goal is to create evolutionary assets at principle points (central database, website, content library) and leverage those newly enhanced elements over time. We offer a money back guarantee if your project fails to meet the agreed upon expectations.